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So holy moly you guys. This is something I’ve felt bubbling up for a long time and now I finally was open to let it come through. 

This took a lot of trust in myself and in my vulnerability. This was so deep in my soul that I was afraid of letting it show. “Will people like it?” Ha! Why not just do it because it’s what I love and who cares how others feel about it? Right? 

It’s funny how we can hold so much back just because we have this fear of not making enough money, or whether other people will like it, or any other silly excuse besides just doing it because it’s coming from your heart. 

It’s been a journey, but there is a new sense of confidence and trust that what comes from the heart will be more successful than the thing you are sacrificing for just because it seems like it makes more money or gets you love in some way. 

So, here it is. The presently inspired new work brought to you by love. It will be fun to see what else emerges now that I’ve proven to myself that I’m safe in doing this. Heck yeah! ♥️

24x30” Original Acrylic Painting

Juniper Rising

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