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Kristi Rauckis

What art would ensue if nature was given a voice?


Kristi Rauckis, an Arizona based artist, has committed to asking herself these kinds of questions and seeing what answers and art emerge from that space. 

She, her husband and her dog have taken to the woods, the canyons and the mountains over the last few years in their self-built-out Promaster van to create and live from a deeper connection with nature. “I want to communicate and share the lightness I feel when I am exploring—the interconnectedness between the animals, the plants and the environment, and how we as humans can honor our relationship with the earth.” 


Kristi hopes her artwork serves to strengthen and remind others of this sacred partnership—that our appreciation of nature not only helps to save it, but can actually add to its beauty. The artwork featured her recent collections bring in a surreal quality, almost as if she created portals to other dimensions where the earth is revered, respected, and all live in harmony. She holds the vision that this is the future we will choose to create, especially the more we allow ourselves to see it as possible. 

Awards & Recognition

- Represented by the Maya Gallery, Scottsdale, AZ - Current

- Winner of the Future Art Awards: ECOSYSTEM X ft. in 2022 virtual exhibition ("Juniper Rising")

- Featured in The Equestrian Hotel gallery - Ocala, FL 2021/22

- Represented in The Wyatt Gallery - Sedona, AZ 2021/24

- Finalist in Canvas Pontiac 2017 - Supported by the DIA ("Meadowlark Music")


Painted Trees to Planted Trees

I am so thrilled to announce that I am now partnered with One Tree Planted 🌿
Now, with every painting sold, there will be 5 trees planted. The current location of these donated trees will be California to help through the recent fires. 
As we build our relationship we will be planting more trees through out the world. I honestly can't stop the happy tears from flowing today as I am starting my journey on a something that means the world to me... being able to help and be a voice for this beautiful planet that we call home. 
Green is my favorite color as you may have heard... so let's make this earth even greener!

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