Kristi Rauckis

Kristi is a third-generation equestrian from RoyalOak, MI. Now residing in Flagstaff, AZ. She couldn’t wait to turn 7 years old. That was the age that she was finally able to start riding horses. Needless to say, horses became a huge part of Kristi’s life. They were her sanctuary, therapists, best friends, and personal physical trainers. So, it was only

natural for them to pop up in every aspect of her life.

Especially, as one of her favorite muses. “I’d say divine intervention stepped in”, says Kristi. Because she spent a few years painting and riding horses, they ended up melting into one another.

The main inspiration for her work is very Earth based. “I love animals, wildlife, the inner workings of Mother Nature and in my work I strive to reconnect people to that beauty and the importance of it’s health and longevity. Which brought me to start investigating ways I could be more conscious in my painting. In December 2020, it led me straight to Natural Earth Paint. An eco-friendly and all natural paint that is safe not only for the user’s health, but for the environment as well, and I couldn’t be more thrilled.”

Her goal is for people to feel and see how she perceives

the world and see what is possible through her work.

Inspiration is a lifestyle, and I live each moment looking for the beauty and the good in everything. It is my passion and goal to have my art work be a source of joy and light in the world.

Awards & Recognition

- Winner of the Future Art Awards: ECOSYSTEM X ft. in 2022 virtual exhibition ("Juniper Rising")

- Featured in The Equestrian Hotel gallery - Ocala, FL 2021/22

- Represented in The Wyatt Gallery - Sedona, AZ 2021/22

- Finalist in Canvas Pontiac 2017 - Supported by the DIA ("Meadowlark Music")


Painted Trees to Planted Trees

I am so thrilled to announce that I am now partnered with One Tree Planted 🌿
Now, with every painting sold, there will be 5 trees planted. The current location of these donated trees will be California to help through the recent fires. 
As we build our relationship we will be planting more trees through out the world. I honestly can't stop the happy tears from flowing today as I am starting my journey on a something that means the world to me... being able to help and be a voice for this beautiful planet that we call home. 
Green is my favorite color as you may have heard... so let's make this earth even greener!