This is a 5ftx3ft hand stretched canvas painted with my new love of a medium, Natural Earth Oil Paint.
Mixing from raw all natural non-toxic eco-friendly powder pigments with a natural oil has been a whole new experience for me. And a fun one at that. The feeling of being so connected with every part of the painting boosted the playfulness and “creative zone” that tends to happen. Letting the painting take shape however it decided to unfold gave me more sense of peace… in the end  
During the process of putting this collection together, a LOAD of unconscious barriers, patterns, programs and parts of me that needed healing came up. It was a whirlwind of an experience, but something brand new and more loving as a whole came out of it. The gratitude of it all is overwhelming.
While down in Ocala painting the candy shop murals at Miss Tilly’s Lollipops, I would make my commute early in the mornings to beat the heat of the Florida sun. Almost every morning, I was graced with the most outstanding sunrises. Mist and fog drenched in the warm dappled light of a new sun. The lush grasses and mossy trees enveloped an enhanced sense of dreamy ness and magic. This is forever imprinted in my mind and has become a favorite muse of mine. 

“Ocala at Sunrise”
60x42” Natural Earth Oil Painting

Ocala At Sunrise

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